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Home of the Original Mai Tai The Original Mai Tai® In 1944 Trader Vic’s concocted a rum drink and served it to a guest who, upon tasting it, said “Mai Tai Roa Ae!”…or “Out of this world!” in Tahitian. The Original Mai Tai was made with lime, orgeat, rock candy, orange curaçao and aged rum…. Read more »


Tidbits & Pupus Island Tidbits Crispy prawns, crab rangoon, cheese balls, chicken wings Crispy Prawn     Marinated & coated in Japanese breadcrumbs Crab Rangoon       Spiced crab & cream cheese filled crispy wonton Jalapeño Cheese Balls      Cheddar & Emmental cheeses, jalapeno Coriander, panko 5 Spice Fragrant Chicken Wings    … Read more »